Thank you to these Angels in Victoria, MN who are making this possible by offering their locations or consulting as gifts to us and being part of the miracle...

Nan Emmer, real estate agent for location at 8275 Kelzer Pond Dr., Victoria, MN; a beautiful home for sale.

Susan Blixrud, relocation specialist for location at 8235 Kelzer Pond Dr., Victoria, MN; another lovely home for sale. 612-716-4551,

Hartman Office Building, 1600 Arboretum Blvd, Victoria, MN

Fresh Seasons Market, Victoria, MN

Marathon Gas and Hi-5 Market, Victoria, MN

School of the Wise, Wine and Coffee Bar and Restaurant, Victoria, MN

Roulette's Pizza, Victoria, MN

Victoria House Restaurant, Victoria, MN

Lakeshore Chiropractic, Dr. Susan Lecy, Victoria, MN

Moravian Church, Rev. Brian Dixon, for 'God's Acre" - Victoria, MN

Holly Kreft, Town Hall, City of Victoria, MN

Ann Mahnke, Victoria, MN, Parks and Recreation Dept.

Don Schuster, Apartment building owner at 8045 Quamoclit St., Victoria, MN

Sheriff Pete Ekenberg and Deputy Greg Gowan of Carver County Sheriffs Department

Victoria Classic Car Night, Jerry Hartman (donated car to use), Randy Miller, Dave Beneke, and Steve Schmeig

Holy Family Catholic High School, Victoria, MN

Friends and neighbors of Victoria, MN


Watch Angels-in-Training Help Couples on Earth. See Preview:


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Discover What People Have to Say About the Soul Survivors Premiere!

“Anytime you bring a spiritual uplift to people, it’s healing. This movie is very needed.”
-Gay Jacobson, Metro Cable 6 TV, Minneapolis


“The movie outlined the winning game plan for a better life and a happy marriage… was a home run”. -Mike Woodley, Fox TV



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Stories Involving Angels, Miracles and Romantic Relationships, Inspired by True Stories


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Soul Survivors: Angels in Training

Features Timotha Lanae, U.K.’s number one recording artist!

Inspired by true stories . . . written by best-selling author, Debbie Johnson

And, even sweeter, it involves two topics women love, angels and relationships. Couples are helped in secret by angels-in-training, Jack and Tanya. Lexie is so mad at Bryan (Rob Ivy) for his seeming affection for other women that she nearly ruins their relationship. Tory (recording star, Timotha Lanae) has to learn to let go and follow her dreams to find out what love is really about and have any hope of a happy future with men. And we get to see how Jack and Tanya become angels because they need to learn so much about relationships themselves. Filmed on location in a real town, Victoria, Minneapolis.


Created and Written by best-selling author Debbie Johnson





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Did you love Touched By An Angel?

Do you love inspirational Hallmark and Disney movies?

Then you will probably enjoy Soul Survivors Internet TV


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Waiting for the Next Angel Show like “Touched by an Angel”?

Well, it’s here! But with this show, you get to spend more time in heaven and have fun watching girlfriends figure out their guys with the help of angels-in-training, Jack and Tanya. Explore true faith and trust when Lexie fights to overcome her jealousy. Rejoice with Tory as she learns to let go of earthly love and follow her dreams.

Discover more Love and Miracles for your own life…
Inspired by true stories.

Heaven awaits you as the angels-in-training take the field in a real town, Victoria, MN, bringing hope and spiritual upliftment to the earthlings in their care.